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Locking & 

Golden Padlock

The Benefits

Having a security company unlock and/or lock your property can provide significant benefits, including:

  • Avoiding the disruption of your employee keyholder being late, ill or having forgotten their keys.

  • Avoiding the need for your employee keyholder to remain until the last person has left the building. This is particularly beneficial in flexible working environments.

  • Where reception staff start after the first person likes to arrive for work, the operative can perform a reception/concierge role until relief arrives.

  • Where arrivals and departures are staggered, having a security operative perform this role prevents one of your employees from facing the risk related to the unlock/lockup  as this is a time when the individual and property is vulnerable to attack.

  • You can have confidence that the building is thoroughly secured, improving site security and also reducing alarm activations.

  • Health and safety risks can be identified and dealt with before individuals even arrive for work

We support with locking and unlocking services across a broad range of sites including schools, colleges, offices, and warehouses. If you would like us to support you with this service, contact us now.

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